A Peachy Umbrella          
Roddy Doyle (2019)

Garment Design
Graphic Design x Fashion Design student collaboration takes inspiration from the poignant screenplay "Rosie" (2018) by acclaimed Irish author Roddy Doyle.

Through Doyle's raw portrayal, we witness the struggles of the main character Rosie and her family as they navigate the challenges of homelessness, desperately seeking shelter for the night.

Within the film, Rosie maintains a façade of normalcy, masking the harsh reality of her situation by insisting that everything is 'grand,' when in reality, their lives are slowly unravelling. This profound dichotomy serves as the foundation for our knitted umbrella, adorned with the ironic phrase 'everything is peachy,' rendering its function useless. This symbolic object becomes a poignant commentary on the Irish housing crisis, shedding light on the insufficient support and actions taken by the government.

Accompanying the umbrella is a tag that presents alarming statistics, highlighting the gravity of the crisis. As observers engage with this fashion piece, they are confronted with the stark truth behind the scenes, prompting reflection and awareness of the urgent need for change.

This collaboration stands as a powerful testament to the ability of critical design to shed light on social issues, providing a visual and tactile representation of the hidden struggles faced by individuals and families affected by homelessness.