This meticulously crafted book studies five cherished kitchen items from my own family—some traversing three countries, others bearing nearly three decades of cherished memories. With great reverence, Attached unveils the captivating odyssey of my family over generations through the sequential acquisition of each beloved object.

Each chapter is an intricate tapestry weaving together recipes, poems, photographs, songs, movies, and ephemera to bring a particular heirloom's backstory to life. Through a tender curation of content combined with handcrafted design elements, printing techniques, and careful paper selection, the book evokes the nostalgia and quaint charm of homemade cookbooks and photo albums. These humble objects have become "memory-keepers" - vessels imbued with profound sentimental value as reminders of our fond, sometimes bittersweet, family histories.

Visually, the design pays homage to the richness of heritage and storytelling through a vibrant yet nostalgic aesthetic. Textural treatments, a cheerful color palette, and an eclectic mix of typeface pairings evoke the warmth, flavors, and distinct sense of place tied to each item's origin. The goal was not only to share my family's stories but also to inspire viewers to contemplate the histories and narratives evoked by their own seemingly mundane kitchen objects.