Bat Shit Crazy         

Book Design
You know what's bat shit crazy? The fact that one of the most sophisticated creatures to grace this earth holds such a bad rep! Very few creatures are as misunderstood as the bat. Cornered by folklore, myths and popular culture as an evil, bloodsucking monster, a creature of the devil, a harbinger of death, they have become synonymous with all that’s dangerous and terrifying about the dark.

While several of these myths may be based on fact, for the most part these myths are false or grossly exaggerate the truth. Bats are bad-ass! They are an altogether gentler part of our wildlife, working as pollinators and pest controllers to make them vital contributors to our ecosystem.
This book gathers not only the lesser known information about bats but also a selection of ancient and modern references to bats. Ironically, there is a public blindness to the reality of bats, their natural history, their ecology and conservation.