Book of Longing          
Personal Interpretation (2019)

This was a personal interpretation of ‘Book of Longing’ by Leonard Cohen. A collection of short poems that document Cohen’s time and struggle as a monk at the Zen monastery and his subsequent escape back into the music industry. As a person who wasn’t familiar with the artist, my initial impression of Cohen was quite skeptical. Not being entirely inspired by the poems, I turned to the artist himself and immersed myself in what Cohen was celebrated for, his music. His posthumous album strung a particular chord with me.

Set against my ukulele rendition of the haunting song "Happens to the heart," this frame by frame animation brings Cohen's words to life, capturing the essence of his artistry. The line that resonated deeply with me, "the useless monk bow his head," encapsulates the spirit of the entire book—a poignant reminder of the complexities and depths of Cohen's experiences.