Family Monogram

Personal information can inform the creation and use of typography to convey history, identity and preserve a legacy.

In the case of my dad, Cyril, an energetic and hardworking individual who has always maintained a sense of privacy about his past, I embarked on the creation of a monogram that would authentically reflect his present self.

In 2019, my 54 year old dad began practicing yoga, dedicating his free time to attending local yoga classes. Drawing inspiration from the Sukhasana yoga pose and combining it with an monogram that lay hidden within the pages of an old reference book, I crafted a monogram that encapsulates the essence of my father’s newfound passion.
This monogram was conceived with the intention of being embroidered onto a yoga mat, serving as a personal symbol of his dedication and growth. Over the course of creating this monogram, I found solace in contemplating my father’s journey into old age and how he might choose to spend his time as retirement approaches.