Know Your Self

Your DNA is precious. Why give it to tech firms for free?

This letterpressed chapbook delves into the realm of online DNA testing kits, uncovering the hidden consequences of sharing one’s most personal information – genetic data.

Through impactful typography, this publication shines a spotlight on the urgent issues surrounding data protection and privacy policies. The book showcases blocks of letters representing the DNA nucleotides (C, T, G, A), sprinkled within these blocks are the distressing sentences extracted from the terms and conditions of these testing companies. Accompanying these code blocks is the poignant poem, Inheritance by Camille Rankine, which touches on the themes of lost identity and the longing for familial connection. Printed on 250gsm paper, specially bleached to mimic the splitting of DNA strands, this book creates a powerful visual and tactile experience.

Designed by: Carol Lewis and Ava McEntee
Letterpressed: The Distillers Press, Dublin