NRH Patient Handbook      

Illustration Suite, Information Booklets

Approached by an educator at the National Rehabilitation Hospital in Dublin, I was asked to breathe life into a modern and user-friendly handbook for the hospital’s spinal cord injury patients.

Designed in a convenient binder format, this comprehensive guide comprises six booklets, outlining crucial information pertaining to spinal cord injuries. I was tasked with developing a family of illustrations that would accompany the text, enlightening patients and their families about the nature of their injury and the various methods of treatment.

The aim was to redefine these patient information booklets with a fresh and inviting aesthetic. Through visually appealing illustrations, we bridge the gap between complex medical jargon and personal understanding. In doing so, provide a compassionate and accessible resource for individuals navigating spinal cord injuries. The revitalized handbook empowers patients, instilling knowledge, comfort, and a sense of control throughout their journey to recovery and beyond.