Thirst Quenchers      

Risograph Zine, Illustration

Designed by: Carol Lewis and Lydia Murray Printed at: Or Studio, Dublin

Thirst quenchers is a risoprinted zine collating the vibrant beverage spots in Dublin's Liberties. The aim of the brief was to put out an “object of wonder” that would have a positive impact. Despite the challenges posed by rapid gentrification and social issues in the area, our focus was on showcasing the area's positive aspects and its offerings.

By immersing ourselves in the community and engaging with local shops and cafes, our goal was to unite these existing social hubs within a single publication. In doing so, we aimed to foster a sense of community among shop owners, locals, students, and tourists alike. These zines which were then distributed back to these locations, serving as a platform that bridges the community together.