A kitchen is not a room

How are we connected through the domestic kitchen space? And how can communication design play a role?

The kitchen can act as a unique space to nurture both human and inanimate connections. Looking at how one's personal experience of food and the kitchen can be visualised, this project sets out to explore this theme through the lens of the physical, the emotional, and the sensory. In doing so, it acts to further establish how the kitchen can be used to convey one's history, identity, and preserve a legacy.

Physical Connection 

A kitchen is not a room, is a poetry book which expands out to become a 60” x 108” tablecloth. It explores the gestural nature of cooking and the use of physical space. I took inspiration from my own mother in our kitchen as she makes the time intensive meal that is, the biryani. The choreographed movements that contribute in the making of this cherished meal is translated on the cloth through hand embroidered lines. Dotted like garnish lies a ‘found poem’ gathered from a range of texts; books, poems, articles and prose. The table cloth encompasses to me, the essence of what the kitchen space is.

As part of my final year degree work in NCAD 2022.

Commended in the Irish Graduate Design Award 2022